Top Skills Needed to Become a Successful Administrator

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Top Skills Needed to Become a Successful Administrator

A successful administrator is a key to an organization’s success and effectiveness. An administrator is someone who is going to see if everything in the organization is running as per demands of the market. He plays his role in successfully managing and leading the organization.

There are certain skills that make an administrator successful. Top skills needed to become a successful administrator are given below:

Human Skills

77% successful administrator is one who can successfully manage the people in his team and get the best out of their abilities. In a study conducted Carmeli and Tisher’, it was found that there is a 66% positive correlation between human skills i.e. skills required to manage people (human resource management skills) and firm performance. This makes managing humans more important than even intellectual abilities of the people involved.

Technical Skills

Technical skill is a must when it comes to successful administration. With the increased use of social media and technology, it is only appropriate that a successful administrator can successfully use and navigate his way around these. He needs 64-68% to be able to adapt to changes and innovations in the technology to play his role.

Communication Skills

Strong verbal and written communication skills are 78% necessary to become a successful administrator. Writing memos, reports, meeting agendas, emails are all part of the job. A successful administrator is expected to clearly communicate with his team and other members of the staff. Miscommunication only results in loss of time and effort; therefore, an administrator is needs to be able to give clear and concise instructions for maximum performance.

Flexibility and Resilience

A successful administrator is one who has more than 65% flexibility and resilience, someone who can adapt to the changes and make the best out of every situation. Right management group conducted a research on the changes happening over the period of 5 years to see how these changes affected the business and organization. According to the survey called “The flux report” flexibility, resilience, along with leadership, and strategic planning were the top skills needed to drive growth in an organization.

Other Favorable Attributes

According to a survey conducted by Office-Team and IAAP surveys regarding the most in-demand attributes for a successful administrator, following were the favorable attributes that the 39% respondents thought were important in addition to time management, flexibility, and organization skills.

Diplomacy up to 45%

Positive attitude (78%)

Initiative (64%)

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