The Impact of Leadership on Business Success

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The Impact of Leadership on Business Success

When it comes to business success leadership plays a very pivotal role in it. When it comes to strategy planning in a business organisation, there are whole range of reasons responsible for the success of the business, but not the only one reason.

But undoubtedly, leadership is the most important reason for the success of the organisation.

Leadership Growth

Organisational growth:

Leadership affects the growth of the organisation which in turn leads to the growth of the employees in the business. A successful business leads to the success of its employees.

Growth in terms of sales, profitability, market share,etc.

Through the skillful means of the leader, an organisation climbs the ladder of growth.

Increases productivity:

Leadership undoubtedly affects an organisation’s performance,      particularly an employee’s performance. Job satisfaction, productivity, growth, profitability all areas are affected by the leaders commitment towards the organisation.

There are many activities which personally needs to be undertaken by the leader in the organisation.

Morale Booster:

Boosting up the morale of the employees helps the organisation in terms of employee satisfaction and helping the organisation to grow faster. Morale booster is a hard task to be measured by the leaders, but has the maximum effect on the work environment of the organisation.

It leads to positive impact on the business and an employee’s growth too.

Employees Satisfaction:

Leadership brings in a new wave of satisfaction amongst the employees of the organisation. Bringing in the employee’s satisfaction as a part of work environment helps the organisation to work better for the achievement of the organisational goals and objectives.

Increases Profitability:

Leadership builds an environment which helps the business to increase its profitability, where the satisfaction level of the employees reaches to the maximum so it leads to increase in output which is directly related to the profitability of the business.


Policy Making:

The basic function of a leader in a business is setting objectives, goals, making up of the policies, setting up new strategies. And then making its staff members work efficiently towards the attainment of the goals and the objectives.


Planning is the basic start up step of any process in a business. Planning refers to setting up of new horizons for the employees. Making a plan in advance for the achievement of goals and objectives is important.

Time Management:

Completion of work on time, both effectively and efficiently is must for a business in completing its task. At the different stages, the work should be carried out on time. Timely completion of tasks, inturn helps in completion of the group tasks.

Proper use of Human resource:

Leader makes it sure to make the suitable employee work  on the task he is eligible for, by making the best possible use of the human resource. Which helps the business to get the maximum output from the employees.

Leadership is of great benefit to the business, which leaves a positive impact on the employee giving him the maximum satisfaction and higher returns to the business in terms of profitability, sales, output, employee turnover rates, etc.

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