Have You Considered These Tips? What Successful Corporations are Doing to Strengthen Culture

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Have You Considered These Tips? What Successful Corporations are Doing to Strengthen Culture

“To make customers happy, we have to make sure our employees are happy first.”Tony Hsieh, Zappos

Today culture is playing a much more important role in the factor of keeping employees happy. As part of my introductory business 101 courses, I have students prepare a report on great companies to work for, focusing on corporate culture.

What many companies are doing is creating programs and benefits that are attracting and retaining quality employees. If you look at the Forbes list of the top 100 employees to work for, you see names such as Google, Boston Consulting Group, General Mills, and Edward Jones. Building a corporate culture is much like having a family and showing them what matters most and what to value.

Appealing to the Senses

Employees want a corporate culture that appeals to them to their senses, their personal life, and one where they are allowed to grow. Microsoft corporate headquarters consists of a large sprawling campus where there are soccer fields, a mini mall with a post office, and break rooms on every floor. A corporate culture such as this appeals to a certain sense of employee and makes the employee feel more at home.

Other programs that are creating thriving culture include telecommuting, flexible schedules, maternity and paternity leave for both parents, and even sabbaticals. Creating an inspiring corporate culture like this is subjective to company needs. However, the satisfaction of these types of corporate being established cannot be ignored anymore. Here is a look at what some of these top 100 companies are offering employees to enhance corporate culture.

  • Google: health insurance for parttimers, job sharing, onsite childcare, and tuition reimbursement.
  • BCG: fully paid sabbaticals, compressed work weeks and 100% of health costs are paid.
  • Nordstroms: Twenty percent employee discounts, charitable match, and adoption expenses.

If you ask yourself is this the type of culture that sounds amazing, that is what these attracts employees to these companies want. Benefits and programs such as these enhance culture, but also many of them benefit from a tax writeoff as well. In a 2014 study by Inabinett and Ballaro they found that “however, fifty-five percent of the participants in this study strongly believed that matching one’s values to the organization’s culture was significant for job satisfaction and their decision to remain with the organization thus the purpose of the study was fulfilled” Corporate culture is important to today’s employees and should be to you as well.

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